Where to trek mountain gorillas? Uganda or Rwanda ?

Uganda vs Rwanda

There are 3 places you can trek mountain gorillas. In this post, I would like to differentiate the difference between Uganda and Rwanda gorilla trekking. There are almost 880 gorillas in Africa. The number of gorillas in Rwanda is higher than in Uganda. But Uganda is also a safe and beautiful place to trek gorillas. After reading this post you will be able to know which country would be best for you.

How & Where to find mountain gorillas?

The mountain gorillas are separated into two populaces, one in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the other in the Virunga Massif, which incorporates three national parks – Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (Uganda), Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda) and Virunga National Park (DRC).

The gorillas live in family gatherings of up to 30, driven by the prevailing guys, who are called silverbacks because of the silver stripe they jump on their backs as they get more established. The female gorilla begins reproducing from around 10 years of age’s and they have a growth period – precisely the length of a human female – of 8-and-a-half months. They can create somewhere in the range of two and six infants in their lifetime.

Mountain Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Gorillas in Rwanda live in the Volcanoes National Park, situated about 3h drive from Kigali in the northwest of the nation, on the fringe with the DRC and Uganda.

The recreation center has around 150 habituated gorillas part into 12 gatherings and a few wild ones and issues 96 gorilla trekking grants each day to guests.

Rwanda the travel industry has moved far from the negative history of the terrible destruction to turn into a most loved occasion goal in Africa. Her one of a kind bit of leeway not at all like other gorilla goals like Bwindi invulnerable timberland or Virunga national park, Volcanoes national park is found only 2 hours drive from the Kigali global air terminal. This makes Rwanda gorilla observing progressively advantageous, less strenuous, less expensive than other mountain gorilla safari goals. A Rwanda gorilla safari makes it entirely conceivable to go for a one – two-day short gorilla trek for voyagers with less time and on a limited spending plan.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Gorilla trekking happens in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the south of Uganda, only north of the outskirt with the Democratic Republic of Congo (henceforth condensed DRC) and Rwanda. The recreation center has a northern and southern passageway and convenience choices at the two finishes. By and by I remained in the north however I don’t accept there’s a favorable position to picking one over the other.

Uganda offers the valiant explorer an opportunity to appreciate an increasingly bold degree of safari. Bragging more than 1000 species feathered creatures, and natural life not found anyplace else, it is the first Eden. Rub shoulders with mountain gorillas in their normal environment. Just eight guests are permitted to see every gorilla family consistently and our master aides will clarify the manners engaged with gathering a monster silverback.

Uganda Vs Rwanda

– Cost in Uganda gorilla trekking permit: You have to pay 600$ for the gorilla trekking permit in Uganda.

– Cost in Rwanda gorilla trekking permit: You have to pay 1500$ for the gorilla trekking permit in Uganda.

Park where the gorillas live

– For Uganda, gorillas live in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park.

– For Rwanda, gorillas live in Volcanoes National Park.

The international airport you need to fly

– For Rwanda is Kigali.

– For Uganda is Entebbe.

Park Distance from the international airport

– For Rwanda is 3h drive.

– For Uganda Entebbe, requires another domestic flight to the south of the country


– Safety is very high in Rwanda. Rwanda is also one of the safest countries in Africa.

– Safety is High in Uganda, also Uganda’s national parks are very safe.

Habituated Gorilla Families

– For Uganda is 11

– For Rwanda is 12

The tracking experience in Uganda and Rwanda

– Gorilla following in Uganda in Bwindi impervious woods appears to require progressively physical wellness and stamina. The woods are extremely thick and require increased physical exertion to follow the gorillas through it.

– In Rwanda then again, gorilla following is done on a well of lava, and the following is somewhat simpler. On a Rwanda gorilla trek, you are doled out a gathering dependent on your physical capacities.

Viewing and photography Uganda vs Rwanda

– The Bwindi invulnerable forest is very dim for if you need to take pictures, however, whether you get great pictures relies upon various factors, for example, the family you are visiting, and the area.

– In Rwanda, you will ascend the side of a fountain of liquid magma, following through the vegetation maybe a touch of testing yet you will even now get a reasonable perspective on the gorillas and a few pictures too.

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