Trekking Mountain Gorillas in the Rainy Season

Gorilla trekking remains the top highlight of all primate safaris in Africa. Primates can be trekked throughout the whole year but in this article, we will concentrate of trekking mountain gorillas in rainy seasons or wet seasons. Gorilla trekking takes place in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park (Uganda), Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga in the Democratic republic of Congo. Being an exciting and expensive tourist activity, tourists tend to look for the best time or weather to book their gorilla trek in the country of their choice. There advantages and disadvantages of trekking mountain gorillas in rainy seasons as we will explain below much as many people prefer avoiding booking their permits during traditional rainy or wet seasons.

As we discuss, trekking mountain Gorillas in rainy seasons or wet seasons, one should note that the habitats of mountain gorillas in Uganda and Congo are tropical rain forests and as such they experience equatorial or tropical climate which sometimes is characterized with rainy fall throughout the whole year. This therefore means that rain can fall anytime even during the traditional dry seasons. That said, all gorilla trekkers should prepare for both.

Advantages of trekking mountain gorillas in rainy seasons

Traditional rainy or wet seasons in Uganda include months of April, May, Beginning of August and September though the amount of rains vary. With the effects of global warming coming aboard, it becomes also hard to determine when it will rain or shine. That notwithstanding, many tourists tend to avoid the above mentioned months for some reasons.

The advantage of trekking mountain gorillas in rainy season is that there is normally no competition for gorilla permits. This therefore means that you can book your gorilla permit anytime of the month and or year without much hassle. The second advantage of trekking mountain gorillas in rainy season is that wet seasons are referred to as low season and low seasons in Uganda and Rwanda tend to attract discounts on rates for Lodges, hotels and transport to and from gorilla treks. This is because, lodges and tour operators look forward to attract business and numbers by reducing on the price of services provided.

For adventurous kind of tourists, trekking mountain gorillas in rainy seasons is yet another exciting moment, you have to enjoy the challenge of rain itself, the slippery grounds, and the dripping forests to reach where mountain gorillas will be. Chances of seeing mountain gorillas in rainy season is as good as those in dry season. For those that are not scared of rain and its associated challenges, then gorilla trekking in wet season is a great deal as long as you have the right gorilla trekking gear.

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