Reviews & Testimonials

Beautiful nature and delightful mountain gorillas!

Our trip was very well organized, all the lodges were of good quality an our guide George was piece of gold. He knew all the birds we saw, found lions in high grass impossible to see to unexperienced eye and took good care of us.

Milka Kilanden

The greatest safari experience

We went with “Gorillas Chimp Safaris” in December 2016 and it was a really good tour company. I travelled with my elderly parents (60 plus) and my daughter (4yrs). They were punctual in picking us up and the cars were clean and in good condition. They were very responsive via email or whatever mode of communication we preferred. The trip was very well organised and we were well informed all the way throughout the trip. The staff were very friendly and extremely helpful all the way throughout the trip. We really had a good time and my family were very happy because we got to see a lot of wild animals, the tour company staff were very patient when we wanted to take photos and were happy to drive round to look for the big five to maximise our safari.

Mildred Kennedy

Uganda a great experience

We were doing an 11-day tour from Murchsion Falls NP, Kibale, QENP, Bwindi to Lake Bunyonyi. Worth every minute. Our tour guide must have one of the safest pair of hands in East Africa. Amazingly different landscape over relatively short distances. Animal Safaris were great- you’ll never step into a zoo again. Food and accommodation of very good Standard. If time and budget allow, Kampala really deserves a few days exploration. Highly recommended.

Sheila Luke